faq – Funkfest



1Which artists are performing at Funk Fest?
Ticket prices, performance details, and additional show information can be found on the main page of our website.
2What can I bring with me to the show?
No outside food and beverages (including alcohol) are permitted inside the venue. The following items are NOT permitted inside the venue and will be confiscated at the gate: outside food and beverages, tents, grills, video recorders, coolers, pets (except as aids to persons with disabilities) motor homes or RV’s and golf umbrellas (when rain is in the forecast, only purse-size umbrellas and ponchos are allowed). No purses or book-bags will be allowed (except women’s wristlets).


1Are VIP tickets sold “per seat” or “per table”?
All ticket prices listed on our web site are per seat / per person. To purchase the entire table, enter the number of total seats for the table when making your purchase online. Tables are assigned and are not first-come, first-served. Assignments will be made at time of purchase and will be evident on the ticket. Table locations depicted on the site are for illustrative purposes only and are subject to change.
2I'm not sure how to buy tickets on the Web. Can you help?
Please visit the “Buy Tickets” link for the tour date/city you wish to attend. Decide whether you want one or two-day passes. And select “Buy Now.” Click on the drop-down menu that reads “Select Best Available Seats Here: All Tickets,” and from there select “Platinum VIP” or whatever ticket type you wish to purchase. You will be asked to enter the number of tickets you want and then click “Find.” Are tickets available at the gate on the day of the show? If the tickets are not sold out, they will be available at the gate for purchase. Don’t wait! Purchase them online today!
3My tickets have not arrived yet?!?!
Please contact the ticketing company directly for this and any other ticket-related issues - support@etix.com
4I purchased tickets but I am not able to make it to Funk Fest. How do I obtain a refund?
There are NO REFUNDS and NO EXCHANGES for ANY reason whatsoever.
5Do you offer discounts to groups?
Periodically, we will offer discounts on general admission tickets to groups of 50 or more people, when all tickets are purchased at once. We do not offer discounts on preferred or VIP tickets. Contact Funk Fest Tour via email (info@funkfesttour.com) or by phone at 704.414.3811 to learn more.
6Do you offer discounts to soldiers in the armed forces?
While we are thankful for the service of those in our armed forces, we are not able to offer military discounts. In that same regard, we do not offer discounts for senior citizens.
7Do you sell or otherwise offer backstage passes?
We get this question quite a bit. Sorry, but the answer is NO. Buy your VIP tickets early to be up close and personal with your favorite artists. ABOUT REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES
8Oh no! It’s raining. Is the show still on? My wife just went into labor and we can't attend the show. What do we do?


1Are children required to have a ticket?
2Should I bring my children to the show?

This decision is left to the discretion of each parent. However, the show caters to a mature audience.


1How can I park closer to the venue?
Parking passes may be purchased online. Please look at concert city page to purchase parking passes online. Our “one pass = one compact car” rule will be strictly enforced. If your vehicle will not fit into one space, please purchase the number of passes required for the space your vehicle will need. We will not be held responsible if your vehicle is damaged or towed.
2Where can I get a Funk Fest t-shirt to wear to the show?

T-shirts and other Funk Fest paraphernalia may be purchased HERE.


1How can I become a vendor at Funk Fest?

Please visit our website. Go to the tour city you are interested in vending at from the Funk Fest Tour menu. Applications are available for each city. Complete an application and return it according to the instructions along with your deposit. If you have additional questions that are not answered from your review of the web or the application, please contact our Vendor Relationship Manager (tiffany@varietyent.net) or our office (info@funkfesttour.com).
2How can my company take advantage of the phenomenal branding opportunities at Funk Fest?

Please visit our website, specifically the Sponsors tab. If you have additional questions that are not answered from your review of the web, please contact Funk Fest Tour at 704.414.3811.
3How can I get a media pass?
Funk Fest Tour welcomes media representatives who want to provide coverage of the event. Media Passes are intended for currently-working representatives of official media outlets only (i.e. newspapers, magazines, television, radio, etc.) with valid credentials from the outlet they represent. Passes are generally reserved for media outlets with whom we have partnered for advertising, sponsorship or other promotion of the concert. A very limited amount of passes are available per event. Requests received later than ten days prior to the event will NOT be granted. No walk-up requests will be granted. Access to artists and rules during a performance are typically dictated by artist management. We reserve the right to approve, deny, and revoke a media pass at any time. Decisions are final and cannot be appealed. Prior approval of credentials does not guarantee future approval. Click here for a media pass application.


1I still have questions!?!?!
Contact Funk Fest Tour – info@funkfesttour.com or 704.414.3811
2Can my up and coming artist perform as an Opening Act?
To be considered as an opening act, please submit your headshot, bio, demo and contact information to info@funkfesttour.com. Opening acts are not paid nor are they provided reimbursement for air/ground travel, hotel accommodations or other expenses. If we are interested in pursuing you or your artist as an opener, we will contact you within 30 days of the show date. Follow up phone calls or emails are not necessary as we have a process of reviewing submissions and will definitely be in touch with those we are interested in booking.
3Will the show come to any cities other than those listed on the web site?
We are always considering good routing opportunities. We hope to visit the Northern US and the West Coast soon!